Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ten Useful Cooking Tips For Home-Chefs (Session 1)

(1.) Use apple juice or white grape juice as a substitute for recipes requiring white wine if you don't like alcohol.

(2.) To make scrambled eggs fluffier, the eggs should be heavily beaten before cooking to trap as much air in as possible.

(3.) To re-moist dry muffins, wrap them in paper & blast them for 30 seconds in a microwave eating them straight away.

(4.) When separating egg yolks from whites, crack the eggs straight from the fridge, egg yolks are harder to break when cold.

(5.) When testing a bird to ensure its cooked, prick a skewer in the leg, when juice pours out clear without blood, its done.

(6.) Do not over-mix a good pancake batter, stir just until blended trapping in as much air as possible

(7.) When liquid reduces, the salt content increases, always correct the seasoning at the end to avoid over salting.

(8.) When cooking a cream sauce, never boil it, simmer it lightly to ensure that the butter segment does not separate.

(9.) When cooking meat rare, always let the meat sit outside of the fridge to ensure that it gets up to room temperature.

(10.) Never cover a pot when cooking green vegetables, the covered pot will make the veggies loose their lovely colour.

* Fifteen Useful Cooking Tips For Home-Chefs (Session 2) *

Great cooking tips given by Chef Michael Saxon, the judge for the TV series - E&O search for 'AFC'S Next Celebrity'. He's also the current E&O Group Director of Hospitality & Lifestyle.
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