Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fifteen Useful Cooking Tips For Home-Chefs (Session 2)

(1) Always under cook pasta slightly before adding it to a finished sauce as the pasta will finish cooking in the sauce.

(2) Refresh cooked pasta in cold water to stop the cooking process and lightly toss it in oil to stop it sticking together.

(3) For a rich creamy dressing made in a healthy manner, substitute half the mayo with plain yoghurt.

(4) When cooking vegetables always have tons of water in the pot so the vegetables can move around easily.

(5) Never cover a pot when cooking green vegetables, the covered pot will make the veggies loose their lovely colour.

(6) When boiling shrimps, plunge them in salted boiling water & when the water re-boils they are done.

(7) When cooking steaks, sear them at very high temperature to trap in all the juices and prevent them from going dry.

(8) When cooking lamb chops they cook very quick if they are thin, the meat should still feel soft when they are cooked.

(9) Use fresh rosemary to scent roast lamb, veal & chicken, also use it to flavour roasted vegetables & grilled mushrooms.

(10) When making stocks never boil them, just simmer or they will turn cloudy. 

(11) Bring your soup or sauce to a slow simmer so you can scoop all the impurities from the centre with a ladle or spoon.

(12) To stop soups and sauces from getting too thick, leave a lid on the cooking pot all the time.

(13) If you slowly saute sliced onions they will almost disappear & become very sweet making a great base to brown sauces.

(14) After finishing a dark sauce, just add a dollop of fresh butter & stir it in whilst its hot to give it a great shine. 

(15) It's bad to add alcohol from the bottle into a finished sauce, the alcohol should be burnt off during cooking process.

Great cooking tips given by Chef Michael Saxon, the judge for the TV series - E&O search for 'AFC'S Next Celebrity'. He's also the current E&O Group Director of Hospitality & Lifestyle.
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  1. Thanks a lot for the tips.. Very useful..

  2. cre8tone - Your most welcome... Thanks for 'dropping by' .. ^^


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