Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Discovery : Rice Balls

Rice-Balls served with Steamed Chicken, Bean-Sprouts
and Boiled Egg in Soy-Sauce.

Have you tasted rice-balls before? My first tasting was in Hoe Kee Restaurant - famous for its chicken rice-balls, which is located at Jonker Street, Malacca.

It's just normal plain cooked rice - rolled compact into smooth round size of a golf ball. As the taste is plain, you would need other dishes to go together with the rice-balls for extra flavour. Of course, steamed-chicken is a must. But it is definitely something that home-chefs can prepare and cook themselves at home. 

You can even 'tweak' the preparation of the rice-balls to your liking, if you are the adventurous type. Examples - adding a bit of other ingredients, herbs and/or spices in the rice - you'll have a more fragrant rice-balls or stuff fillings in the rice-balls like minced chicken, stir-fry mushrooms, etc. Many options.

I, definitely am going to cook and experiment the rice-balls with stuffings as I think it makes the dish more interesting. ^^

Dining at Hoe-Kee Restaurant
(Looks like these dishes are something home-chefs can attempt to cook at home)

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