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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pork Apple Burger


Pork Apple Burger

I tried out this recipe from my favourite cook book ~ delicious, Frugal Feasts. ..only to discover that the same recipe could be found online. Oh, the unfairness of it all.

Link to the recipe:
Pork burgers with sweet potato wedges Recipe | delicious. Magazine free recipes

..still, I wouldn't trade my printed copy for anything in the world! I'm just someone who love flipping pages and bookmarking recipes with a pretty pin or coloured post-it notes.

Anyway, I didn't have all the ingredients. So I did the best I could and even tried something new, a little experiment involving tomatoes and strawberry jam :)

This is probably the best burger I've ever made. The meat patty was very juicy on the inside and has a light sweetish taste. Adding the apple certainly worked wonders.

Because it tasted so delicious, I will most likely include some sort of fruit into any meat patty I make in future. That's right, all patties will have f-r-u-i-t!

Here's the deets on how I did mine, but please do read the original recipe (shared above) because it is "tried, tested and tasted". That means it is finger-licking good.

Ingredients (for four small burgers):
For the meat patty
- 250g pork (minced)
- 1 red apple (grated, without skin)
- 2 small red onions (chopped, lightly fried and cooled)
- Pinch of paprika

For frying
- 1-2 tbsp olive oil

For serving
- 4 wholemeal rolls (sliced in half)
- Fresh baby romaine greens
- Grape cherry tomatoes cooked in strawberry jam
- Baked sweet potato wedges (Baked with a bit of butter)

Minced pork, grated apple, chopped onions and paprika

1. Mix all the ingredients for the meat patty together. Shape into round patties (4 small patties for me).

2. Heat olive oil in pan. Fry patties until cooked, which took about 3 minutes on each side on medium heat.

3. Remove patties and place wholemeal rolls on pan, face down until lightly browned.

4. To serve, place greens on top of the bottom half of the bun, followed by one meat patty. Top with grape cherry tomatoes in strawberry jam. Eat with sweet potatoes on the side.

Patties being cooked

To assemble

Tadaaaa...! Delicious Pork Apple Burger ready to be served.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Grape Cherry Tomatoes with Strawberry Jam

Burger toppings ~ What we get in burger kiosks here typically includes slices of cheese, tomatoes and some greens. The meat patty is slathered with tomato ketchup and mayo. Ask for a 'special' and the patty comes wrapped in egg!

I just wanted something different for my homemade burger. This was the result : Grape Cherry Tomatoes with Strawberry Jam.

Grape Cherry Tomatoes cooked with Strawberry Jam

It's so easy to do and goes great with plain breads too. I've tried! Taste-wise, this is tangy sweet with a light burst of fresh tomato.

This is just a rough guide. I'm not including any measurements because it really doesn't matter much. The ingredients are cooked together to infuse the flavours.

- Grape cherry tomatoes (halved)
- Strawberry jam
- 1 tbsp water or more to help dissolve the jam

Jamming with Tomatoes

1) Heat pan, no oil required. Add tomatoes, strawberry jam and water.

2) Stir until jam is dissolved into a thick sauce and the tomatoes are slightly cooked. Add more water, if necessary, to keep it from drying out.

To eat, just top burger buns with lettuce, olive oil fried meat patties and this. It tasted so well together that I found no reason to add other condiments.

I'm already imagining the possibilities with other fruit jams...mmm..fresh mango with orange jam, anyone?

Strawberry Jam with a Burst of Fresh Tomato


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