Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The No-Bake Papaya-Banana Pie

What's great about this pie? It's healthy! This is probably the wisest decision I've made after all that festive food.

I'm not excited to see another pineapple tart, love letter or fortune cookie. Maybe just the fortune cookie ~ only because it includes a small piece of folded paper with inspiring messages. That always makes me smile. It's a good present to open.

The No-Bake Papaya-Banana Pie

The individual who came out with this recipe is to be admired. This is brilliantly easy to prepare. The papaya-banana topping has a custard-like texture. It's very yummy to tuck into.

Recipe adapted from here (Cooking At The Pacific Outpost).

Portion for one.
You will need a 4
½ inch x ¾ inch pie tin with removable base)

(A) Nutty Pie Base
- ¼ cup shelled almonds
- ¼ cup ground hazelnut
- 2 partially rehydrated dried fig (chopped)
- A drizzle
of honey

(B) Fruit Topping
- 1 medium ripe banana (sliced)
- 1½ cup ripe papaya (cubed)
- Juice of 1 calamondin


1) Blend ingredients A together. Press this down into the pie tin and along the sides to (see picture below).

2) Blend ingredients B together. Pour this onto the nutty pie base.

3) Freeze for a couple of hours or less, depending how cold your fridge is set (don't let it turn icy). Texture should be jelly-like and easy to cut through.

4) Slide the pie out of the tin and serve as is. Best eaten immediately, and alone (maybe it's just me).

1) Blend nuts together
2) Make pie base
3) Pour the filling in
4) Freeze

A Slice of Papaya-Banana Pie

What a partially rehydrated dried fig looks like!

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  1. This pie looks SO good! I love papaya, but never thought about a papaya and banana combo. This sounds divine!

    1. Thanks, Cathleen. It's a first for me too! ^.^

  2. So interesting this crust...and the fig in it just sound, banana and papaya is a very exotic mix...yum!
    Hope you are having a great week Sharon :D

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Juliana. You have a wonderful week too. I look forward to reading your next post! ^.^

  3. Honestly Sharon, I haven't thought of this filling. I'm baking more and blogging less at the moment. This is indeed a must-try! Looks absolutely yummy!!

    1. Hah! We're in the same boat then. I cook more than I blog! ;)

  4. Hi Sha, I'm back ! lol.. You are tempting me with this extraordinaire pie of yours. Save some for me will ya? *wink*

    1. Long time no see ...haha. I surely will ! ;)

  5. Love the colours of this tart! Simply adorable & looks real good!

    1. All natural, Shirley! Thanks for dropping by ^.^


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