Friday, February 28, 2014

Restaurant : The Charm of Nona Bali, Penang

When it comes to food, Penang is considered a gastronomical paradise. Many food enthusiasts swear by the deliciousness of Penang's culinary fare.

I believe that Penangites are blessed with a flair for cooking, and engaging the best chefs to head their kitchen. No corners are cut in the preparation of a richly satisfying meal. The same can be said for Nona Bali, an eatery we tried weeks ago upon Evelyn's recommendation.

Peter Tait, one of the owners of the restaurant, is a charming host, a trait also seen in the other members of his team. The warm welcome and quaint Balinese decor is an ambiance of cosiness that puts diners at ease. We felt very at home.

A little about the location. Nona Bali is located along the seafront of Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5. The serenity of the surrounding area makes this a great place to come for a meal. For the romantic at heart, an evening stroll at the seafront should not be missed. Parking isn't a challenge. The place has yet to reach its full capacity as a developed commercial spot.

The View and The Ambiance

Nona Bali is tastefully adorned with Balinese artwork and pieces, which are also for sale. This is one of my favourites, a hauntingly beautiful porcelain lighted sculpture of Buddha.

For Sale - Lovely Art Pieces

Where flavours are concerned, it is no-holds-barred for the hands-on owners of Nona Bali. The freshest ingredients are used to create the tastiest blend of flavouring and aroma. You'll be pleased to know that this is an MSG-Free food establishment. 

In Nona Bali, each plate is carefully thought out with side dishes that compliment.

Be Siap Metunu - Grilled Balinese Chicken

Vegetarians are not left out. Nasi Campur Jukut delivers the oomph!

Nasi Campur Jukut - Balinese Vegetable Mixed Rice (Vegetarian)

Kukus Injin or steamed black glutinous rice can be described as a heavenly way to end the meal. It is topped with fine gratings of fresh coconut and candied coconut.

Kukus Injin - Steamed Black Glutinous Rice with Grated Coconut

Quench your thirst with Dotty Soursop. It's a delightful drink with an interesting crunch from the basil seeds.  For the uninitiated, soursop is a fruit that I would describe as pleasantly sweet, mildly sour with a hint of coconut creaminess.

Dotty Soursop - Soursop Juice with Basil Seeds

So if you're in Penang, keep Nona Bali in mind because it's a great place to go for a scrumptious meal.

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  1. I really love the Kukus Injin. Yummylicious ! :)

    1. I loved everything I had ~ thanks for introducing us to this place ^.^

  2. Congrats may you have many more success in the years to come :).

  3. Please check out this too! :-)

  4. Such a delightful post...your pictures have me drooling. I haven't tasted soursop as yet. The drink looks so inviting!

    1. It's really nice. I'm pretty lucky - mom has a soursop tree which fruits regularly. I used to eat it as a child, before I moved away :)

  5. Oh wow, the art piece is so attractive!

  6. Nice post...great pictures the food and I sure would love to try them all...yum!
    Have a great week :D

    1. Thanks, Juliana. I start drooling everytime I think of the grilled chicken! You have a great week too.


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