Friday, February 21, 2014

Make-Believe Cheesecake | Of Love Letters and Ice Cream

I made this for dessert on Valentine's Day in a moment of "This has to be cleared, pronto!". The expiry date was drawing near.

Make-Believe Cheesecake of Love Letters and Ice Cream

The tin of month-old love letters (kuih kapit) and container of vanilla ice cream had been sitting in my kitchen for sometime and no one seemed to be eating any of it. I was on the verge of giving it away but the more I looked at it, the more I thought of "cheesecake". Maybe it was just the magical-ness of Valentine's Day. So was born this idea.

As you can see, this is really easy to make. Two main ingredients : Love Letters and Vanilla Ice Cream. You'll need a small pie tin (about palm-sized) with a removable bottom.

Crush the love letters in a bag with a bit of soft butter. It doesn't have to be too fine. Compact this onto the bottom of the pie tin. Mash the ice cream in a separate bowl until it's soft enough (not melted) for you to work with. Spread this on top. Then, freeze for an hour or so until the ice cream is set. Serve with fruits on top.

Don't worry about the love letters not sticking together. Some of the ice cream will trickle through the gaps, solving that. It will only be a little crumbly but I like it that way - not aiming for a solid base. In case you're wondering, none of the ice cream leaked out of the pan. 

To remove, tap the bottom out of the tin. I wasn't as gentle but it slid out quite neatly! I was able to transfer it onto a plate without any trouble.

My only advice : Work quickly!

1) Love Letters
2) Crush Love Letters
3) Compact a thin layer of love letters onto a pie tin, fill with ice cream
4) Freeze

Voila! My masterpiece ~ served with oranges (canned ones).
What do you think? Does this pass for cheesecake?

Love Letters and Ice Cream, and a slice for me!

Note: I made the mistake of trying to smear frozen ice cream onto the crushed love letters straightaway. It was difficult to spread the ice cream about. The crushed bits of love letters stuck to the ice cream and was spreading along with each stroke of the spoon.

Hence, my decision to melt the ice cream a little by mashing it. That worked like a charm. Once I had one layer on, it was easy to spread the rest of the ice cream right to the top. 

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  1. This is lovely. An ice cream cake.

  2. Such a wonderful idea and they look so delicious!!

    1. Thank you, Kanak. One can never go wrong with ice cream ^.^

  3. You got me fooled, you naughty gal! That's a pretty "cheesecake"! Hahaha! You're so cute!

    1. Hahahaha...thanks for the motivation, Shirley. I feel so inspired now !! ^.^

  4. This really is a fantasy cheesecake ;-) What a fab idea for using up ingredients, Sharon!

    1. A fantasy - you've described it perfectly, Abbe! ^.^

  5. Looks delicious Sharon!! :-)


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