Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Leaf and Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Soup

Sweet Leaf and Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Soup

I try to include greens on the menu daily. It's a habit that has been passed down from generations.

Gone are days when mom had to force us to "eat our vegetables!". I used to have a hard time swallowing it. More than once, I pretended to pile a hollow mountain of greens on my plate, fluffing it up to give the illusion that I was that obedient girl who had taken her share...more than.

Today, I chomp greens down wholeheartedly! I've often wondered why the experience was nightmarish before. Has this something to do with old age? Was it a case of 'mind over matter' or have I just lost my fussy side? Maybe.

I love Sweet Leaf (Sayur Manis) , a vegetable that isn't always available in the supermarket I regularly shop at. So, I get very excited when I do see it and I don't hesitate grabbing a bunch home.

Sweet Leaf

I made a coconut soup dish with the sweet leaf I purchased. Locals know this as "Masak Lemak"  style. Literally translated as "cooking fat" : Usually taken to mean that this dish will have a coconut milk based soup. It is usually eaten with rice.

But I was in the mood for something without rice, something soupy. So was born this lite version - less coconut milk in my recipe but just as yummy and delightful.

IF I'm having it with rice however, I would add in more coconut milk and make the gravy thicker. It gives the dish a richer taste, suitably complimenting bland carbs.

- 2 handful sweet leaves (leaf only, remove stems)
- 2 cloves garlic (chopped)
- 1 medium onion (chopped)
- 1 medium tomato (cut into 6)
- 2 red chili (cut into squares)
- 1 sweet potato - fist-sized (cut into bite sizes)
- 2 tbsp dried shrimps
- 1 stalk lemongrass (hammered)
- ¼ cup coconut milk
- 3-4 cups water
- 1 tbsp cooking oil 
- Salt to taste

Make into paste (add a bit of water)
- 1 tsp ground coriander (ketumbar)
- 1 tsp turmeric powder
- ½ tsp shrimp paste (belacan)

The Ingredients

1) Heat oil in pan. Fry garlic, onion and lemongrass together.

2) Once lightly browned or fragrant, add coriander/turmeric paste and stir quickly.

3) Add dried shrimps, red chilis and sweet potatoes, followed by water. Season with a little salt. Boil until sweet potatoes are cooked.

4) Then, stir in the sweet leaves. Lower the heat and add the coconut milk. Simmer (don't let the coconut curdle) a minute or so and taste.  Season with more salt if necessary.

5) Finally, add the tomatoes and serve.

Sweet simmering surprise

Sweet Leaf, Sweet Potato Soup

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  1. Now THIS I want to eat. I'm actually salivating, Sharon... which is NOT a good look for me ;0)

    1. Thank you, Abbe. Absolutely why we should be neighbours! I have the same 'look' ^.^


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