Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grey Oyster Mushroom

The beautiful folds remind me of a Chinese fan. It was hard to resist.....and I was a-l-o-n-e. I admit to picking one up and doing the little fan dance. Shhh..let this be a secret between you and me. Bah! This is the 'internet' I am confiding on.   

Grey Oyster Mushrooms are soft, velvety and cool on the fingers. I love the texture. It is easy to bite into and it has this lovely taste of mild sweet.

Grey Oyster Mushrooms
This mushroom is a versatile ingredient. Be it deep-fried, added into soups, braised or grilled, it tastes just as mmm..mmm..good. Personally, I find the stems a little chewy for soups and braised dishes so I tend to trim it off for later, usually to make stock. It is not always necessary to do this. I just like doing it because I'm biased towards the fluffy part - it is yummy!

It takes only minutes to cook oyster mushrooms. Ideally, add it in only at the last stage of cooking.

Storage: It stays good in a plastic bag for a week or so in the refrigerator. I've never kept it longer. I have however read that you can store it for up to two weeks wrapped in a moist napkin or towel, sealed in a paper bag.

Buying: If it's slimy, don't buy it. Choose plump ones.

Washing: Wash only before use. Swish it in water and that's all there is to it.

Beautiful, isn't it?


Here's one way you can enjoy these mushrooms. I had this at a food truck in Johor.

The mushrooms are deep-fried and then sprinkled with a seasoning of salt, sugar and pepper least, that's what I'm guessing is in the powdery substance. Whatever it is, yum stuff!

Deep-Fried Grey Oyster Mushrooms

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  1. Okay.. now I gotta go buy me some Oyster Mushroom!!! They look delicious, Sharon. Would they go well in a salad, without being cooked?

    1. I've never tried it that way, Abbe ..but I have been told that it's not a good idea to eat it raw because "you-never-know-where-it-came-from" and "what-its-picked-up"

      I would dip it in hot water at least :)

    2. I think I'll play extra safe and deep fry them! Hadn't occurred to me to be careful of "where they came from", thankyou ;-)

  2. Wow, I've never had it fried!! Great tips, Sharon!

    1. Thanks, Shirley. This was the first time I had it fried. It was really delicious - I'm devastated I couldn't find a food truck that sold the same in Kuala Lumpur, where I live.

  3. Beautiful specimens. I've never deep fried a mushroom before. Not without a coating like batter or breadcrumbs. Do the mushrooms absorb a lot of oil?

    1. I didn't taste any oil. Nor was it dripping with it. Strange much? :)


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