Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mung Bean With Honey And Papaya

One of the girls in our cooking group said,"Let's do dessert this weekend!". Several of us responded with an enthusiastic yes!

A packet of mung beans was pulled out of the kitchen cabinet. I knew what I wanted to do, a sweet soup dessert with sago pearls ... like always. "How predictable!" the thought crept in and it dug deep.

I was egged by it into doing something I never tried before - and that is how this easy treat really came about, a need to break out of the norm.

Mung Bean Honey Dessert with Papaya

This is so simple to make that you don't need exact measurements. Boil however much you want, add more fruits if you prefer, flavour with as much honey as you like.

- Mung beans (boil in water until soft. keep the water aside.)
- Honey
- Papaya or fruit of choice


Boil mung beans in water until soft. Keep the water aside.

Pour softened mung beans into the blender with some of the mung bean water. Blend. Check if this is the consistency you want. If it is too thick, add more water and continue blending. Do this until you have a nice smooth puree - not too watery, not too thick. 

Use a melon baller to scoop out balls from the papaya. 

To serve, pour the mung bean puree into a bowl. Place the papaya ball on top and drizzle with honey. Best eaten warm.

Softened Mung Beans - Boiled in water for about 40 minutes

Blended Mung Bean

Mung Bean Honey Dessert

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  1. we loved this simple, comforting and absolutely flavorful treat....if all dessert were as nourishing as this dessert is...we could have them everyday...mung beans are a staple at home and this looks like something we could try out when attacked by an unending sweet craving...with honey and fruits we are assured of its health benefits,thanks so much for sharing...Have A Great Day!!! :-)

    1. Aww..thank you. I'm glad you like it. You have a great day too! :)

  2. Wow, this is so interesting! I've never tasted mung bean in this manner :)

  3. What a wonderful idea! I haven't had mung bean in this form. The last photo is so tempting!!

    1. Thank you. I was really pleased with this one :)


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