Monday, January 20, 2014

Vegemite Chicken with Kai-Lan

Vegemite's mighty taste with chicken! I admit to scrunching my nose up onVegemite-slathered bread but love adding it into meat dishes as a soy sauce replacement. It's so easy to do and tastes really good as is.

Where Vegemite is concerned, I feel it isn't really necessary to combine it with other condiments or sauces to make a recipe better or a dish tastier because it's already flavourful enough on its own.

Vegemite Chicken

As long as I have Vegemite in the cupboard, you can bet that I will be making this chicken dish for dinner simply because it's easy to work with and goes yum with rice and plain porridge.

Ingredients (estimates):

- ½ chicken (cut into smaller pieces)
- 2 cloves garlic (chopped)
- ½ cup carrot (cut into wedges)
- ¾ cup white clamshell mushroom
- 1 cup potatoes (cut into wedges)
- 2 to 3 tbsp vegemite
- 2½ cups water
- A dash of white pepper
- 1 tsp corn flour (diluted in 1 tbsp water)
- Cooking oil

Serve with greens:
- 1 plate blanched kai-lan (blanched in water)

1) Heat oil in pan. Saute garlic.
2) Add chicken, potatoes and carrots.  Stir to combine.
3) Add two tbsp vegemite, mix well. Stir for a minute or two before adding in the water.
4) Simmer covered on low heat until chicken, carrots and potatoes are cooked. Then, taste and stir in more vegemite, if necessary. Season with a dash of pepper.
5) Add clamshell mushrooms. Stir and cook uncovered on high heat until the water reduces to just about one cup of gravy.
6) Switch the fire off, stir in corn flour immediately and mix thoroughly.
7) Serve on top of blanched kai-lan.

Top : Ingredients (left), Coating the chicken with vegemite (right)
Bottom : Blanched kailan (left), Mushrooms added into cooked chicken (right)

Vegemite Chicken with Kai-Lan


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  1. I have yet to have vegemite. I know it is a big thing down under but haven't seen it much here. In any case, this dish looks so good, Sharon!

    1. Thank you, Abbe ..and I have yet to try chili with chocolate.. ! ^.^

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Nice to know that you like vegemite... It's my fav too. With chicken, your dish must be tasting wonderful :D


  3. Hi Zoe,

    It's one of my favourites, yes ^.^

  4. Gosh, I haven't heard of Vegemite in years! Totally forgotten about its existence. Lol!

    1. Haha..I'm a Vegemite, Bovril, Marmite regular! ^.^

  5. I have never used vegemite...but from your description is sure sounds delicious...the looks awesome...I can see myself eating this chicken with a big bowl of whit rice.
    Thanks for the recipe Sharon and hope you are having a wonderful week :D

    1. Happy Lunar New Year, Juliana and thank you for your kind words! I'm so sorry for the late response. I was away for the holidays :)

  6. I have never had Vegemite Chicken, your dish looks delicious! I am going to have to make this now, printed your post.

    check out my recent post on making Crème Brûlée


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