Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cake Mould for Kuih Bahulu

Kuih Bahulu is a small sponge cake that resembles the madeleine. It is extremely popular in Malaysia during the festive season.

This is the new addition to my kitchen - a typical aluminium Kuih Bahulu cake mould.

Aluminium Cake Mould for Kuih Bahulu

To use, preheat the mould in the oven for a few minutes. Then, grease it with cooking oil or butter. While it is still hot, fill the mould with cake batter. Doing this makes removing the cake from the mould an easier task.

Use a skewer or a toothpick to poke or ease the cake out once it is done.

Happy trying!
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  1. Oh wow - you're gonna make a cake that looks like a fish?!? Does that not make your brain fart? Are you going to actually make the cake so's I can see it.... PLEEEEEEEASE?

  2. Hey, that's such a lovely mould!

  3. The moulds look lovely! I love anything fish-shaped. Maybe because I'm a Piscean!;)

  4. The moulds look great. I love fish patterns....maybe because I'm a Piscean.;)

    1. Thanks, Kanak. I'm easily attracted to anything with some sort of pattern! ^.^


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