Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dried Mandarin Orange Peels

Dried Mandarin Orange Peel

Save those mandarin orange peels!

Did you know that you can dry orange peels and use them for cooking later? It can be included into meat stews, hot soup desserts like red bean or barley soups, hot teas, used as seasoning and it can even be added into cakes. It doesn't just add flavour to cooking, it adds fragrance - it is this bit that gives recipes an extra edge.

I learned this from my aunt who's an ardent cook. It's pretty easy to do when you live in a country where it's summer all year round and it's sunny most times.


1) Peel skin from mandarin orange.
2) Scrape the excess pith off the skin (not difficult because there isn't much).
3) Dry the orange peels out in the hot sun for a few days and that's it.

Dried and ready for use - Mandarin Orange Peels

I guess the same can be done with a regular orange but removing the pith may be a challenge for me since it has a thicker layer of white pith.

Of course I could peel it with a knife, slicing just beneath the skin. It helps to have a steady hand. Something I don't have..
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  1. My mum adds them in sweet soups like bubur cha cha :)

    1. Another great way to use it. Thanks for dropping by, Gen ^.^

  2. Great tip, Sharon! Love those preserved orange peels :)

  3. I had no idea you could do this, Sharon. What a fab way to add flavour when you need it :)

    Just a quick thought, but have you considered having a look at this - http://bunnyeatsdesign.com/our-growing-edge/ - absolutely anyone and everyone can post a recipe, and you're always bringing something brand new to the table that I KNOW would add to the variety!!! Xxx

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence Abbe. I'll give it a shot. Just ran through the website. I absolutely love what they're doing! Be seeing you there soon xX

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Love this great tip!



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