Thursday, May 2, 2013

Food Discovery : Herbal Steamed Fresh Water Prawns

I love including Chinese dried herbs into my cooking. It gives plain dishes a slight edge. Adding say, red wolfberries, onto a plate of green vegetables makes it all the more attractive to eat.

I've always been comfortable with tossing it into chicken dishes too, but never seafood...never.. because it didn't seem like it could add flavour to an already awesome tasting ingredient but what can I say, I was wrong. It does, when done expertly.

This is the first time I'm tasting it on a seafood dish - a new discovery for me!

I was at Restoran Wei Sun, Kepong last week and the waitress recommended that I try their Steamed Herbal Fresh Water Prawn dish. It turned out to be mmm..mmmMm..most delicious!
Fresh Water Prawns - Steamed with wolfberries

The gravy carried all the juice from the steamed prawns. It was rich with sweet and salty all in. The wolfberries complimented the dish tremendously. It added a tinge of fruity sweetness onto every bite of prawn meat and every slurp of gravy. I cleaned the plate out.

It was so good!

I am learning that the key to new discoveries in cooking is to keep an open mind. That said, I guess I'll be making a similar dish soon and hopefully, it tastes as wonderful.

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  1. Sounds quite interesting. I never though about using wolf berries. I may give it a try.

    1. Oh, I look forward to seeing your version. Thank you so much for dropping by :)

  2. Shaaaaaronnnn.... Now you've got me googling Wolf Berries! I think it's very easy to fall into eating/cooking habits that work, and not always experiment with food because we know what we like - it's a treat to eat something new and like it :)

    1. Lol! Oh gosh, I'm so sorry Abbe. I should have included a link! ^.^


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