Monday, February 2, 2015

Food Discovery : The Brunch Affair at Signature at The Roof

There is a special feeling about dining at sky level, I mean way up at the top of the building. This is what makes Signature such a lovely place for Sunday brunches. Signature is a gastrolounge located at The Roof of First Avenue in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

It's bright and serene. Well, I found it serene in a way. Ideal for long chats and loud laughter, with an uncluttered view of the outside world. It was really sunny that noon so the curtains were drawn when we were there. I was here with three other people, whom I considered all to be both friend and family.

Signature at The Roof

The Signature team cuts no corners with food.  They had us at soup starter. And while we were still oohing and aahing over their mushroom soup, they had to wow us with main dishes that had us reaching for our cameras! Here is a look at the food that arrived on our table.

Mushroom Soup

This, as you can guess, is the big breakfast. Don, a big breakfast fan in our group, testifies that this is one of the best he's had. I had a taste and I agree!

Big Breakfast RM26


Giant Meatball "Bomb" Linguine was oozing with delicious tomato gravy. They certainly aren't stingy with the sauce. Don't be surprised to see me make my own giant meatball one day. I am so enamoured by it that I know I have to!

Ground Australian Ribeye Meatball stuffed with Egg, on a bed of
Linguine and Roma Tomato sauce RM39

How the meatball looks like inside!

Scallop Black Aglio Maki is strongly flavoured, tasting something similar to tom yum. It was gorgeously plated with a topping of Tobiko Caviar.

Grilled Scallops wrapped in Seaweed with Tobiko Caviar
on a bed of Squid Ink Spaghetti RM45

Pan seared Black Cod is an equally appealing creation that is no less tasty even in it's dressed down state.

Pan seared fillet served with Edamame, Garlic and Chilli Olive Oil RM55

As you can see, food is served in generous portions. There is no feeling that the price is too expensive. It was just apt for me considering the quantity, the effort made and the ambiance. Beautiful presentation and rich flavours, this is the Signature standard.

That's just the food. I bet you're curious about the drinks, right? We tried two varieties of something called 'lifejuice', which an interesting concoction with health benefits.

50 Shades of Grey is a blend of Earl Grey tea, coconut milk, agave nectar, Himalayan Salt and hazelnut. Mmm....yum!

Pasion is passionfruit with mango chokkanan, pineapple, turmeric, lemongrass and agave nectar. How fragrant!

Lifejuice RM15

We were also treated to a small taste of these fruit juices.

More Lifejuice

To sum it up, the food was good and we were well taken care of. The staff was cheerful and their laidback demeanour, to me, made the perfect Sunday feel. There is none of that hoity-toityness that sometimes accompany high-end establishments.

I had such a wonderful time that I'm looking forward to a second visit and I sure hope you enjoyed reading about my food adventure because I look forward to sharing more about this place! 
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  1. Hi Sharon,

    This place looks awesome! I like the portion size of the big breakfast... It is really big :D


  2. I would love dining here. Nice ambiance. On rooftop some more. Great food.

    1. ...and I would love to take you there one day, if you visit KL one day ;)

  3. Well, that bowl of mushroom soup certainly caught my attention! I would like to have some of that Earl Grey too..........

  4. YUM! Everything looks delicious sure looks like a great place to enjoy a meal :)

  5. Everything looks fabulous Sharon...great place for a nice meal indeed...
    Enjoy the rest of your week Sharon :)

  6. lovin the generous portion, i guess the big breakfast is suits with my portion...
    the egg for stuffing meatball seems overcooked and had unpleasant grayish color....

  7. Amazing! What a great place and the food on all the plates had me wanting for more!!

    1. Me too, but I just couldn't. I was too full! ^.^

  8. The food looks amazing, Sharon!

  9. wow all the food looks great!
    definitely a nice place hang out with friends and family

  10. yum the food looks great! definitely getting hungry now!


    1. I get myself hungry just thinking about!


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