Friday, March 1, 2013

Solo Garlic (Single Clove Garlic)

I went out to get some garlic and I did. I came home with these beauties - Solo Garlic. I knowwWWwW, right? When did garlic ever look so enticing!

It's nothing like the ones we usually buy ... *sniff, sniff* mild, no strong garlicky smell. I would describe the texture as something in between an onion and the regular garlic.

I did some digging around the internet and discovered that Solo Garlic originates from Yunnan, China. Garlic is generally associated with being great for reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol. I assume the same can be said for Solo Garlic. There is a lack of specifics in write-ups on this particular variety of garlic, leaving my curiosity unanswered.

Cook-wise, I have yet to bake this whole although it has been suggested as the ideal way to appreciate this garlic. Instead, I have been including it into stir-fry dishes, usually in finely chopped bits. It tastes just as good so I don't think it compromised the yummy-ness of our food much. 

My personal opinion? It could be a hit with many people because of its milder smell ... plus, it doesn't cost a bomb.

Solo Garlic - About 1½ by 1½ inches in size
Solo Garlic -Inside
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  1. May we know where to buy?

    1. I purchased this from Cold Storage, Malaysia :)

  2. Thank you very much.

  3. very poor website saw nothing related to solo garlic at Cold Storage

    1. Hi Anon,

      It would have been nice to know your name. I gave this branch a call. They informed me that they have solo garlic in stock. If you're interested, perhaps you could contact them directly before dropping by :)

      Cold Storage Solaris, Mont Kiara
      Lot L-0-1, Jalan Solaris
      50480 Kuala Lumpur.
      Tel: 03-6203 6492


  4. We are Global supplier for the Single Clove Garlic (Solo Garlic) from India. We can supply throughout the year. We want to do business with you.

    Solo Garlic is a n Unique product and the benefits listed below
    Preventing cancer
    The content of sulphide contained in it helps the liver against cancer trigger.
    Treat influenza
    The stench emanating from garlic stimulates the membrane mocus that respiratory tract can be relieved.Lowering blood cholesterol
    The content of nutrients in garlic could protect the heart from bad cholesterol found in the blood. By eating solo garlic regularly can lower blood pressure so that cholesterol can be dropped.
    As an anti-acne.
    Facial acne usually inflamed so by rubbing garlic on acne inflamed until the ooze pus. Do it every day until the acne flared. By using a natural anti-septic made of garlic, the benefits of garlic for acne make the face is not getting worse and spread to other parts of the face.
    Relieve asthma and colds.


    Suresh Rajendran,,

  5. Do they still sell single clove garlic?


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