Saturday, August 15, 2015

Finger Food For Besties Night

"I've something juicy to tell .... Wait! I've got to go check on that orange rosemary roast turkey I'm making for you girls! "

That's an exaggeration, but I think you get what I'm trying to say. It's not how I imagine a besties night to go. It should be a time of relaxation with group activities that pamper the mind, body and soul. Cosying up with each other over a movie, playing card games and catching up on life events - this is my kind of fun.

Unless it's a cooking meet-up or a special dinner occasion, besties night shouldn't be about sweating it out in the kitchen and looking like you need a shower when it's time to sit and enjoy the company. There must be food, of course. I'm just saying that it needn't be an elaborate affair. So, finger food it is for me.

These are a few light bites that I often turn to so that I can spend my time where it should - on my friends, not the stove! And I was in no way tired out before my friends arrived.

1. Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Chicken Drumettes
How-to: Rub two dozen chicken drumettes with 3 tsp of McCormick Lemon & Pepper Seasoning and 1½ tsp cooking oil. Bake in oven, on a foil-lined tray at 180C for about 45minutes.

2. Mashed Egg On Savoury Biscuits
How-to: This can be prepared a day earlier. Mash 10 boiled eggs with more or less ⅔ cup mayonnaise (to preference). Season with a pinch of salt and several dashes of white pepper. Mix well. Serve on savoury crackers (like Garden Spring Onion Savoury Crackers). Garnish with fresh coriander or spring onion.

3. Plum Sauce Cocktail Sausages
How-to: Bake cocktail sausages on a foil-lined tray until heated through. Remove from oven and place into a large bowl. Toss, in plum sauce and finely chopped red chilli and fresh coriander.

4. Longan Ice Pops
How-to: This must be made in advance. Use canned longans. Keep the syrup aside for later use.

To make the filling, grate a cucumber (middle section removed) into a bowl. Squeeze some calamondin juice over and pour a little of the longan syrup in. Mix well.The mixture should not be too watery.

Stuff the longans with the cucumber filling.  Place the longans into a cube ice mould - one longan for each hole in the mould. Stick a toothpick in the center (midway through). Chill in freezer until frozen.

Note: These How-Tos are only a guide. Please flavour to your preference. Baking time may vary.
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  1. YUM! I wish I could taste all of them, Sharon. Those cucumber stuffed longan pops are really interesting.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    This kind of juicy news... I like :D

    You gals must be happy that your gathering is a delicious one!


    1. Haha ..yes, it's always good to catch up! ;)

  3. wee such a great guide
    no 2 and 4 would be my liking


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