Friday, March 6, 2015

Food Discovery : Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant

" To know if the oysters are fresh, smell to see if it's bad ," a friend advised, " and check if it's moist and juicy."

I had already eaten my lunch, but my friend was eager to pop into this Japanese restaurant just to feast on fresh oysters. I followed. We made our way to Umai-Ya which was located in Suria KLCC.

Coffin Bay Oysters

I'm not big on raw oysters, but they are too beautiful to ignore! I was excited just looking at it. 

Coffin Bay Oysters - About RM70 for a dozen.

A dozen of these yummy South Australia Coffin Bay Oysters were slurped down. 

All gone!

This was topped with some rolls to round up the light meal.

Oshinko Maki - Pickled radish Roll RM6.90

A little about the place since I'm on it. It has a cosy business feel, perhaps targeting the office working crowd. The staff was friendly and quick to attend to our needs. These are a couple of shots of the restaurant to give you an idea of the ambiance.

The Interior - Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant, KLCC

Waiters at Japanese restaurants typically greet customers with a small bow. Here, at least. This was how we were received at the entrance.

It's a trend that was once alien to me. In the old days, saying hello and thanking customers was a more laid back affair. We didn't think too much about it if no one spoke to us either.

These days however, cheerful greetings of welcome! when we enter business establishments and polite thank-yous after paying for the goods,  seem to be catching up as normal practice.

I think it's wonderful that this culture of politeness is actively being nurtured in our society. Going along with that, how far do you think we've come in terms of customer service as a whole?

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  1. a great review...and oh those oyesters look lovely...if we would have been eating them...this restaurant must have been a definite priority.Those radish rolls look pretty too,thanks :-)

    1. It's a great place for fresh oysters. I wish we had more stomach space to try the rest of the items in the menu! ;)

  2. Those oysters look really fresh and beautiful. A fair review, Sharon.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh my, now I know who to bring along for oyster get-togethers! ;)

  4. Those plumpy oysters certainly caught my attention, dear! xoxo

  5. i like oysters but fresh oysters hmm not my thing
    I have to agree that nowadays merchants are paying more attention to courtesy when serving customers
    therefore it is not very surprising when you greeted with 'welcome' and 'thank you' when leaving even though you did not purchase anything
    but somehow I was quite awkward when I just entering the shop for a look without thinking of buying anything and they still greeted me with 'thank you'

    1. I'm not big on it either, but I could not stop

      I know how you feel about not buying anything - a lil guilty! It's good sales strategy ;)

  6. I adore a good seafood dinner, Sharon! Yum! :) T.

  7. I've never had oysters! I wonder if I'll be able to have them raw. But the TV shows of the same makes me drool! This looks like a really place.

  8. Hi Sharon,

    These oysters look good. Nevermind about the greetings... I agree with what you meant but I think the quality of the food is equally important as the service :D



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