Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Food Decoration : Bok Choy Flowers

I've always found cooking an adventure of sorts. To me, it's a playground of endless ideas and creativity.

Check out this tip I picked up from our Facebook group. The stem of a bok choy vegetable, once sliced, looks like a flower. This is what I call a food decoration quickie. For me, it also makes the humble bok choy more attractive to eat.

How-to : Cut the vegetable between one inch to one-half inches from the bottom part (shown below).

Bok Choy Flowers

Rinse with water. I used a small brush to clean the in-betweens.

Cleaning Brush

It's ready to be used.

Bok Choy Flowers

How am I eating this? I'm blanching these in water and drizzling yummy gravy over.
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  1. What a simply yet brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

  2. When I saw the picture I thought it'd surely need some painstaking effort. What a wonderful idea! Would love to show off some bok choy flowers now!!

    1. Exactly why I love this so much. Too easy to do!

  3. Simple and so pretty...thanks for the post Sharon!
    Have a wonderful week :D

  4. oh just cutting it
    i think i able to make it ^^ (for noob like me)
    thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Sharon,

    You are right about the bok choy!!! It does look like flower :D


  6. Never thought that it could be cut that way, great!


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